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Stuff that I work on in my free time that helps me explore topics and disciplines that I’m unfamiliar with. Learning is fun :)

Black Box Seccomp Profiling


At work we are migrating towards a DevOps culture within the IT department, and that comes with some security nuances. Moving forward, our applications will be more centered around container development and Kubernetes deployment. This presents the security team with…

Project: Browser-ception

Have you ever dreamed of opening up your web browser, navigating to a website, and once the website loads, you have a whole other functional browser within that web page??? Neither had I until I read this blog post. If…

Research Project: Jaws

Jaws Logo

Every day, security researchers find bugs in programs that would enable malicious actors to perform nefarious deeds by exploiting them. Although most of the successful hacking groups are migrating towards “file-less malware” and “living-off-the-land techniques” to establish persistence and control,…